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The main responsibility of a warehouseman is to assist the warehouse manager with all activities and operations of warehouse. They are responsible for proper handling of any incoming or outgoing freight and daily receiving and delivery of goods from our warehouse.  Maintain a clean work environment.  Maintain a clean work environment in warehouse and help maintain the facilities, including in and outside the office, warehouse, and all necessary equipment. 

Tasks include:

  • Timely receiving and delivery of goods and gets receipt which ensures date and quantity of delivered goods.

  • Working efficiently with and without supervision.

  • Ensure the health of employees and security of stock in warehouse.

  • Assist manager to include accurate vault count, availability, and over-flow and yard storage.

  • Help maintain low cost strategies over all activities of warehouse.

  • Keep track on daily work of the warehouse and keep warehouse clean and orderly.



Capable of lifting 75lbs on a regular basis with above average stamina and fitness skills.  Subject to drug and alcohol testing.  Current driver’s license and ability to operate forklift daily.  A great attitude is a must.

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