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A Range of Residential Services


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All moves serviced 30 miles or under, from house to house, are considered local moves in Virginia. Our local moves are priced based on an hourly rate that starts when our crew arrives and stops when your move is finished. We move people to apartments, new homes, retirement homes, self-storage, rearrange rooms, and more. We also move large furniture like safes, pianos, hot tubs, and workshops and tools.    



Household goods moves within the state of Virginia, 31 miles or more, are considered Intrastate moves. Movers with operating authority can offer these services using the published Virginia tariff with the states' approved rates and charges.  Click on the picture above for more information, or contact us today so one of our coordinators can assist your with your next move. 

 - HHG carrier 532


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No matter how far you hire a mover to take you, if you cross a state line then it will be an Interstate move. These moves, like Intrastate moves, are priced on a weight and mileage based tariff. Additional services are also priced based on established tariff rates. Seaford Transfer holds 48 state transportation authority for moves under MC # 268065. We schedule free in-home surveys on all long distance moves to keep our estimates as accurate as possible.


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More than half of people that move need some form of storage after they've moved from one home and are waiting for their new home to be available. We provide local short term and long term storage for anyone in this situation. We price our storage on the amount of storage you have per hundred pounds. Our estimators can quickly give you an estimate on storage if you think it could be a possibility with your next move.

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