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Crating & Shipping

Crating is often a necessity when shipping freight LTL (less than truck load) or international.  Most often we will pickup the items to be crated and bring them back to our warehouse so your crate can be custom built and loaded where we have best access to the supplies needed for building and packing each crate.  Similarly, customers can also have the items delivered or dropped at our warehouse prior to crating.  Onsite crating can also be accomplished.  Typically all crating will need to be surveyed prior to starting work.  We do this so we can provide our customers with a proper and accurate estimate or quote to complete the work.


Once your freight is crated and ready to ship we will help connect you with the right carrier to move your freight wherever you need it delivered.  We have relationships with multiple LTL freight carriers, brokers, and freight forwarders.  We can help move freight regionally, but through our business relationships we will also help you move freight worldwide.  


On the left (above): A large pump was picked up from William & Mary and crated for an equipment sales company. 

On the right (below): A customer delivered photographer equipment and supplies to be sent overseas to Africa for a film documentary.

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Household goods moving and storage

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