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Professional Packing 101

Why choose us?

We provide full service packing at reasonable rates to get you into your new home faster. Packing a whole home is time consuming and can be overwhelming. Our packers can help with all your belongings or you can hire us just to assist with the items that you would rather not pack yourself. Customers often hire just one of our packers for three hours to help put a dent in their own work load and we are happy to do so. Below we've worked up a list of common cartons and items we commonly pack in those cartons for your reference.

1.5 (Book)
3.1 (Medium)
4.5 (Utility/Large)
5.1 (China/Dish)
6.0 (Linen/XL)
Laydown Wardrobe
Wardrobe (10.1)
Mirror (40"x60")
TV Carton
Packing Paper
3-Ply Paper Pad
Hot Melt Tape

Great for small, heavy items especially books or paper.

Use for smaller items, kitchen appliances like toasters, toys, and items less dense than paper.

Can be good for larger items, like computer equipment, board games, cookie sheets, speakers.

A sturdy double walled box used to pack dishes, glass, and any where extra protection is needed. 

Lamp cartons are tall and skinny and great for lamp bases or items like curtain rods, long guns, loose wrapping paper. Double them up for taller items.

Just like the name implies these cartons are great for large blankets and most oversized linens. They are also good for bulky light weight kids toys.

Laydowns are great for packing folded clothes from your dresser or closets.

Use these standard wardrobe cartons for hanging clothes and even tall yard tools like shovels or brooms.

Made using 4 individual sheets of cardboard, each making one corner of the box. Add'l sheets can make larger cartons. Good for most all flat items, like mirrors, paintings, glass shelves, and small TVs.

Standard TV cartons can fit up to one 60" flat screen TV. The carton comes with a universal foam kit for stability within the box.

AKA Newsprint. Sold in 25 Lb. bundles and used to pad breakable items when packing all varieties of household goods.

30" x 72" breathable paper pads. Use for lamps, vases, pictures, and leather sofas. Can be an alternative to purchasing quilted pads for storing furniture in self storage units.

This tape is preferred in the moving industry and made specifically for taping/sealing cardboard. *Duct tape will not stay stuck to cardboard.

We SELL NEW & 1/2 PRICE USED BOXES at our office in Yorktown!

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