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Seaford Transfer is a family-owned local, national, specialty moving and storage company headquartered in Yorktown, Virginia.  Operations began in Seaford, Virginia in October 1989 with three small box trucks as a home based business.  In January 2002, the company was moved to its current location in Victory Industrial Park to a brand new 6000 sq ft warehouse that was doubled to just under 12000 sq ft a few years later.  Operations now benefit from an established staff of more than 25 movers, packers, warehousemen, and administration.

Seaford Transfer has several authorities to move freight and household good.  These authorities allow us to service commercial moves, freight, local and intrastate customers, corporate relocations, and military members.  As an agent for Wheaton Van Lines, we provide our customers with Interstate hauling capabilities through the nation.  This includes a network of 300+ Wheaton Van Line agents providing us with the capacity to get you to your new home or office with greater ease. 

Licenses, Memberships, and Awards


1986: Current owner Jeff Moore begins working nights and weekends moving apartments and small homes with Greg Bonadies while learning the business and building a reputation for great customer satisfaction.

1989: Seaford Transfer opens for business under current owners Jeff and Kathy Moore working nights and weekends in Seaford, Virginia.  The first office starts in the family’s home.  Seaford Transfer began with 3 van box trucks, but grew to 20 pieces of equipment before moving to their current location.

2001: The first phase of construction begins on the new office (2000sqft.) and warehouse (6000sqft.) five minutes from the in home office in Yorktown, Virginia.

2004: The second phase of construction begins to double the existing warehouse footprint to 12000sqft.

2006: Virginia intrastate DoD authority is approved to move military members within Virginia under Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SFOD). 

2008: Seaford Transfer, Inc. becomes Wheaton Van Lines agent (0363) hauling, providing origin services, and storage in transit services for interstate shipments nationwide.

2014: Seaford Transfer, Inc. is approved by the DoD during its open season to haul interstate shipments for military members nationwide under its Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SFOD).

2014: October 1st - Seaford Transfer, Inc. celebrates 25 Years in business in the moving industry.

2019: Seaford Transfer adds their 70th piece of equipment since opening and celebrates 30 Years in business!

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