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Professional Mover/Helper

As a professional mover you will be packing and moving customers’ household or office belongings. Moves range from just a single item to an entire home or office. Items to be moved can weigh several hundred pounds. Moves involving stairways are very common. The workday can be long and a ten-hour day or longer is not unusual. These demands require a person with above average strength, stamina, fitness and skill.


Tasks include:

  • Actively participate in moving materials, equipment, furniture, and household goods long distances and up/down stairways.

  • Manually hoisting heavy items repeatedly.

  • Wrapping furniture and equipment to protect during transportation/storage.

  • Box-pack items such as breakables, books, artwork, knick-knacks.

  • Working with moving equipment and tools.

  • Ability to drive a straight or semi-truck, if interested (licensed/approved drivers).

  • Disassembling and reassembling furniture and equipment.

  • Providing quality, customer service at all times.



Must have fitness skills, above average stamina for physical labor and can lift 75lbs on a regular basis. Strong communication and teamwork skills needed. All employees are subject to drug and alcohol testing.  Prior moving experience is recommended, but not required. 

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