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Monday 6, April 2020

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Moving With Children

Not only are you faced with moving your home, you may also have children's emotions to deal with. Their world is often being shaken in new and unsettling ways. Understandably, some children can become rather unhappy. Young ones in particular are sometimes concerned and confused about the whole process. Involving them throughout the planning and keeping them informed will help to ease their fears.

Here are two great ideas: Let them help with the packing (or at least play with one of the boxes while you pack) and decide what special items they want put in a box marked "open me first" with their name on it.

We highly recommend the following books for your children:

  • "Moving Day" by Stan and Jan Berenstein
  • "Moving Day" by Tobi Tobins
  • "Will I Have A Friend?" by Miriam Cohen

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